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Both my husband and myself have used the mat. Amazing. Today my neighbor who has chronic back came and laid on my sofa for two hours [on the Bio-Mat]. She left without pain…Thanks for your help. If I order another one, I will call you. Many thanks,
M. H., Wilington, DE.

Biomat Acupuncture

We have had wonderful reports from several acupuncturists who have been using the Bio-Mat in their practice. The Bio-Mat seems to augment the acupuncture treatments. This may be the result of the infrared, negative ions, or the amethyst conditioning the subtle energy.

Infrared Sauna Alternative

The Bio-Mat, which produces far infrared and negative ions through a bed of amethyst crystals, is a great alternative to an infrared sauna. The Bio-Mat has multiple temperature settings. When the temperature setting is placed on high, the Bio-Mat can effectively be used in place of an infrared sauna.

Relieve or Eliminate Minor Pain with Biomat

Within 15 minutes!

| Effortless | Effective |Easy To Use |

That’s all that it takes to restore vitality and relieve, eliminate, or even reverse pain!

Introducing Far Infrared (FIR) Light, a state-of-the-art technology that reverses degenerative disease cycles while speeding up cellular renewal. Biomat relies on negative ion effect and the conductive and healing properties of amethyst channels to induce a state of relaxation, rejuvenation, and emotional ease to heal mind and body.

FIRL, negative ions effect, and amethyst crystals are three powerful health stimulators, which when combined in a single, easy-to-use product (the Biomat) offer remarkable healing effects.

The amethyst crystal channels allows Biomat to deliver deep-penetrating and soothing heat while stimulating the regeneration and rejuvenation of damaged and fatigued cells in your body.

It’s natural. It’s safe. It’s effective. And it’s FDA registered.

And it is the effective way of achieving optimal health and maintaining a stronger and more resilient body for yourself.

But that’s not all, the Biomat can do much, much more!

The Biomat is a device that offers stunning results are backed by years of professional and private use for relieving a plethora of issues, from minor Pain Relief from Sports Injuries, and Arthritis to minor Sprains or strains and occasional Restlessness.

Really, It’s a Device that’s centuries ahead of its time!

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