Become A Biomat Distributor

As a Biomat Distributor you will be helping people, help themselves. When you get your Biomat you are already providing the benefits that the Richway Biomat to your clients or family members. Becoming a Biomat Distributor will enable you offer the Biomat to your clients, friends, or family enabling you to be compensated for what will happen naturally as people hear about and experience your Biomat first hand.

Join our Biomat Distributor Map

Picking the right sponsor to become a Richway Biomat Distributor with can make a world of difference in the level of success of your Biomat business.  1-844-Biomats is committed to ensuring you have the tools, knowledge, and skills to make you the best distributor possible. Our interactive Distributor map is just one of the many tools that will have access to that are designed to place you in the best possible position for Biomat Success!!!

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What is needed:

  • A ONE TIME Distributor Set up.  Unlike some companies there is No annual renewal fee with Richway. It Truly is LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!!!!
  • A strong passion and belief in the product primarily from personal experience.
  • A willingness to answer customers questions  honestly and provide the best customer support that you can.  You call always call on us at 1-1844-biomats for any assistance that you may need to better serve your customers.
  • An Understanding the effort you take today to expose the benefits of the biomat to friends, family and clients can compounded effects with there sales help you.

Biomat Distributor

Become an expert biomat distributor

Earn some of the highest commissions in the industry by becoming a biomat distributor. From world-class product training to marketing material, 1-844-BIOMATS will guide you to sell Biomat and Richway International products with ease. Unlike other firms, we don’t charge an annual renewal fee.
What is not needed:

Richway Biomat Distributor

  • NO SALES QUOTAS …EVER!!!!!! NO MONTHLY … NO QUARTERLY … OR ANNUAL SALES NUMBERS TO MEET.  Richway is well aware that they build quality Items that are built to last. Thus Making The Biomat a “Durable Good.” Which means there will never be a push to have any distributors sell a set number of items or be penalized if a Quanta is not met. Which is the case with many compensation plans that  deal with “Consumable Goods.”
  • NEVER LOSE YOUR RANK OR COMMISSION STATUS. Because of the durable nature  of the Richway family of products they realized that penalizing a distributor for not making a sale after a set amount of time was just not right!!! So once you advance to the next level of Distributorship, You will never drop below that. Wether you sell a Biomat 5 weeks from now or 5 years, You’ll always a part of the 1-844-BiomatsRichway family.
  • NEVER GO IT ALONE!!! We are the to support you and provide the resources that you need to achieve your goals.  Support our collective years of experience. Technical support with helping you place your orders learning how to use the tools on your website.  And SOOOO  much more.

Earn excellent commissions

You will have the ability to earn some of  the highest commissions in the industry.  As much as 20%, plus Binary Bonus checks of $400, $800 or $1200 weekly per business center based on your down-line efforts, plus product certificates of up to 20% toward free product and free additional business centers as your sales increase. It’s a spectacular system that allows you to rapidly build your business.

Why Choose Us?

This is one obvious question that any person is likely to find themselves asking. Why should you join our team of distributors? We firmly believe in the concept of cooperative growth, and understand that your success…. is our success. This is why we believe in strengthening the core of your business. With our assistance, you will have the skills and resources to lead and educate the next generation of Richway customers and distributors.

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