Did you ask for a “Biomat Distributor Near Me”?

If you are the type that likes to try before you buy or want to ensure that all the great benefits you keep hearing about the Biomat are true,  then this page is for you.  We want you to know where you can try the Biomat and also know a little about our Richway Biomat Distributors who routinely use the Biomat with their families and clients. If you contact a Distributor and you do not get a response back within 24 hours, please let 1-844-Biomats know and a member of our staff will contact you personally.

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
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  • California
  • Colorado
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  • Florida
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  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
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  • Wyoming


  • Phoenix

Business: AcuWellness

Specialty: Acupuncture, Cupping, Qi Gong, Yoga

Phone: 480-221-7435

Email: Kat@YogaBodyRolling.com

“The Biomat is an essential part of each treatment I provide and amplifies the therapeutic effects of my services.  My clients love the physical and mental calmness and tranquility they achieve on the Biomat!” Kat Myers, M.S.

Kat Myers, M.S. L.Ac

Biomat Distributor Phoenix Arizona

Professional Bio: Kat Myers is a licensed acupuncturist who has been teaching therapeutic movement since 1989. Kat has degrees in Acupuncture, Occupational Therapy and Psychology.  She is certified by Integrative Yoga Therapy, Qi Revolution and Yamuna Body Rolling.  She uniquely blends physical anatomy, meridian theory, acupuncture, sacred sound, and the Biomat into a radically dynamic approach to total health care and inner fitness.

Kate has found the Biomat augments her services, enabling her clients to benefit from the effectiveness of both treatments.  When she has a break in her schedule you can always find her recharging on the Biomat.


  • Los Angeles and Topanga

Business: The Sacred Elephant

Specialty: Naturopathic Doctor

Phone: 310-579-9332

Email: Sandraleend@gmail.com

“I personally love my Biomat, it reduces stress in the mind, body and spirit. It helps with opening the heart and balancing emotions, I feel the Biomat will always be a part of my practice!” Dr. Roy

Dr. Sandra Roy

Biomat Distributor Near Me

Professional Bio: Dr. Roy is a Naturopathic Doctor, specializing in acute and chronic health issues focusing on lifestyles, preventative medicine, detoxification, Inflammatory issues, digestive disorders, sleep issues, asthma and emotional imbalances. She utilizes the Biomat and its powerful crystal and energetic activity to effectively gain momentum in the health of her patients. Her patients leave more relaxed and with reports of decreased pain.

Dr. Roy has been using the Biomat almost daily, she uses it to relax and open her heart to healing and give her the strength to continue to guide patients into health. She enjoys allowing healers, of all walks, use of the Biomat so they too may expand by sharing this wonderful tool. Her adorable dog, Marley, loves the Biomat and chooses a spot a top whenever the mat is laid out for use.