Today, with the everyday stress of life, backaches and muscular pains are a common ailment. While you may not have the time for exercising and involving yourself in activities, there is something that can relieve the minor and temporary pains, easing muscular pain and stiffness. The BioMat has been used time and again to promote the relaxation of muscles.

Thinking of investing in a BioMat Richway? There are different sizes available for your BioMat experience: Full, Queen, King, Professional, Mini and Bio-Belt. Which one is right for you? Take a look:

BioMat Professional

The BioMat Professional is one of the most popular choices. This is designed to accommodate a massage table, with a size of 28″ x 74″ x 1″, making it ideal for therapeutic sleep. Another benefit is that regardless of its size, it is still portable. Available in a travel size suitcase, it can be carried to just about any destination without inconvenience.

The BioMat professional set includes the BioMat Pillow as well. It is designed in a way to keep the head cool while your body receives the BioMat negative ions and far infrared rays energy. While you have the option of purchasing the BioMat Professional without the Pillow, it is recommended that you opt for this complete package to get a full therapeutic benefit.

BioMat Full

If you’re not too keen on getting the BioMat professional, the BioMat Full is another great alternative. This Full size gives you an aesthetically pleasing view of the amethyst gems on the surface. This is generally recommended for larger people. However, it is important to note, that while the BioMat Full is smaller and lighter, it is less portable than the Professional, and can be only used on the bed.

BioMat Queen & King

For full body coverage, the BioMat King and Queen size is your best choice. Because of its size, it covers the complete area of your bed. One of the best advantages is that it provides you with a large volume emission of the negative ions and far infrared rays. However, because of its large size, it is not portable. While the Queen size weighs 56 pounds, the King sized BioMat is 75 pounds.

The Bio-Belt

The Bio-Belt is one of the more popular choices, designed to be used around the waist. The belt is extremely portable, and can be placed pretty much anywhere. However, the gemstones used are slightly different than traditional BioMats, providing a diverse energy. For a small belt, it is incredibly powerful.

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