Biomat – The Three Technologies Working as One

The technologies that empower the BioMat medical healing devices have been in existence for over thousands of years. It’s only in recent years that these were picked up, refined by modern medicine and science, and were able to be incorporated into state of the art FDA medical grade device (US FDA Medical Device No. 2954299). Of course, at the same time, the negative ion and far-infrared technologies have only recently come to light.

posativly charged body

unbalanced charge body

Negative Ions

The BioMat healing devices feature three technologies working synergistically to provide strong treatments for healing. The first of which was discovered when two scientists found ion channels existing in the human cells. These channels can stimulate the cells and alter their membranes, acting like “pores” through which external stimuli can be let in deep into their center. This discovery was done in 1991, upon which Sakmann and Neher, the scientists who discovered it, received the Nobel Prize.

As far as the BioMat is concerned, it stimulates these ion channels as it produces negative ions which deliver healing powers to the cells. Cells having more negative ions in and around them and are able to eliminate waste effectively while also absorb nutrition in an optimal manner.

biomat Infrared range

Far-Infrared Rays

Mainstream medical professionals have all acknowledged the use of light therapy for quite some time. Laser light has extensively been used for rejuvenating and toning the skin. Artificial and real sunlight has been used widely for treating acne, and conditions including depression, and newborns suffering with jaundice are exposed to blue light. Wavelengths of light, both in and out of the human visual range, have been found to be critical to physical and mental health in the same manner as minerals and vitamins.

Far-infrared light is one such treatment which has received worldwide attention from the scientific community. Studies have indicated that this type of light energy is capable of penetrating deep into the body and stimulates healthy cell tissue production which leads to quicker and more complete healing . Furthermore, this therapy also facilitates toxins and cellular waste elimination. In the BioMat this form of light energy is generated by the amethyst crystals which we will go into more detail about.


Quantum Energy

The word “quantum” was derived from the Latin “quantus”, which means, “how much”, an amount which has been used as “energy for mass generation.” This theory was first used in the name of “Quantum Energy” by a German physicist, Max Born (1882-1970). Quantum energy maintains the balance of an electron of a cell, causing the voltage of the injured cells to return to normalcy. In addition, quantum energy helps heighten the energy field in the cell membrane.  The Quantum benefits which where exclusively available only in the Quantum Energy Pad, have now been incorporated directly into the Biomat.