Alkal Life 7000sL

Introducing the world’s first and best pH calibration water system.

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Alka-Life pH system

The most developed calibrating mechanism ever put forward, this system guarantees an exact and totally precise pH level of your choosing.  Whether if its super alkaline water for drinking to help your detoxing efforts or to help balance a modern acidic diet. Or if its low PH acidic water for chemical free cleaning and disinfecting. The Alka-life Water system system has the versatility to meet all your water needs.

It was the Japanese who first explored and identified  the qualities of ionized water, back in the  1950s. This was achieved by passing a powerful electrical current through typical tap water. As a result, alkaline, ionized, and acidic water are created. This electrical procedure which causes this is known as electrolysis. The outcome of the electrolysis isolates the water as follows: mineral water (alkaline) for drinking purposes, and an acidic mineral water to be used for the skin, as well as cleaning and purifying.

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The Alka-life water system will also break large groups of water atoms into “smaller scale bunches”,  allowing the water that you drink to more quickly and readily be absorbed by tissues and cells, prompting better hydration at the level of the cell.

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With the Alkal-Life 7000sL you are investing in your health and well being. This machine is equipped with an advanced pH calibration system which allows regular tap water to effectively channel through the process of ionization. Notice that regular tap water first passes through a 6-layer purification filter. The purified water travels through electrolysis, where the ionization of the water itakes place. By changing the pH setting, the Alkal-Life 7000sL™ has the ability to perform many functions and create the desired PH that you are looking for.

Ideal Health

The procedure of oxidation “takes” electron from the surface being oxidized. This is the expression we’ve all heard of called “free radicals” and along with that the protectors known as antioxidants. However do you know what they truly mean? Oxygen molecules that have become unstable and it is these that cause oxidation to occur inside our bodies; this leads to the aging process and sickness. Oxidation is the process that causes an apple to change in color after it is sliced, and the reason that metals rust.

Consuming ionized alkaline water helps eliminate free radicals inside our bodies. It is nature’s most noteworthy ailment prevention agent, loaded with these hydrogen atoms that are negatively charged.

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Alkalizing Action

Why is alkalinity essential? Our bodies perform optimally when they are not in the extremes of being too acid or too alkaline. The slim range of pH 7.35 to 7.45 is where our blood system is always working to keep itself in. Alkaline water can neutralize the acid levels of the body brought on by stress, our modern diets, air pollution and various bottled waters. An acidic body is a welcome environment for sickness and disease. Consuming ionized alkaline water significantly improves the physiological processes that are necessary for achieving and regulating a relative blood and urine alkalinity. Alkalizing builds up the body’s defense mechanisms and strengthens immunity.

It is imperative in having a clean digestive tract made possible by detoxifying and cleaning. The cleansing becomes necessary due to a mucus plaque buildup comprising, saturated fats, meat protein, processed and refined foods, dairy, and alcohol. There is a barrier created by these toxic substances that stops critical nutrition assimilation.

Typical sicknesses can be healed by simply taking in alkalizing substances into our bodies and additionally cleansing our colons. This well-known process is a part of integrative medicine.

Alkal-Life Water Benefits
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