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Biomat Professional

This is the backbone of the Richway family of products and came into existence when the California Massage Association placed an order for 3,000 Mats!!! While the full-size Biomat is still very popular, the ability to place the Professional Biomat on a standard massage table introduced the Biomat to a greater audience.

Whether you are a Medical Doctor, Reiki Master, or Massage Therapist who wants to add the Biomat to your practice to help augment the treatments or services you provide, or if you’re a person wishes to incorporate the Biomat into your life. The Biomat Professional is the ideal choice when it comes to the introduction of therapeutic Infrared and introducing negative ions to the body. Richway has also taken the time and effort to ensure that the Biomat meets compliance with the US FDA as a 510k Medical Device.

This is intended to:

  • Increase local blood circulation where applied
  • Promotes relaxation by application of heat
  • Promotes restful sleep for those with occasional sleeplessness
  • Relaxation of muscles

Provide temporary relief of:

  • Joint pain associated with arthritis
  • Minor joint pain and stiffness
  • Minor muscular back pain
  • Minor muscle pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Minor sprains
  • Minor strains

Biomat Professional new layer

Based on Nature…Backed by Science

For Thousands of Years, Ancient Healers incorporated nephrite (Jade) and Amethyst into their healing rituals. While the scientific method or equipment to test if or why those stones worked was not around back then, our ancient ancestors just new that it worked. However;  modern advances in science and scientific equipment have been able to evaluate the reason Jade (original stone in the Biomat) and Amethyst (replaced the Jade due to having a more ideal infrared and vibrational frequency) do offer benefits.

NASA was the first to identify the benefits of Infrared light on the human body while a set of chemist later won the Noble Price for their groundbreaking work identifying human cells as have Ion and Water channels. The amethyst in the Biomat and the additional elements that Richway included in the Biomat provide an ample supply of both infrared and negative ions. Providing deep soothing stimulation at a cellular level.

Whole Body Infrared and Negative Ions

The Biomat Professional will provide you with the full body coverage you need to get the most out of your Biomat sessions. Whether your goal is to get the prolonged exposure of infrared and negative ions while you sleep or if you are trying to raise your body temperature. You will always get greater exposure with a Biomat size that offers whole body coverage.

Versatility of the Biomat Professional:

  • Sleep on your Biomat
  • Meditate on your Biomat
  • Augment your Treatments or Services
  • Take a restorative Power nap
  • Lay on it while you watch TV
  • Have your feet on it while you sit on the sofa
  • Do Yoga and other stretches
  • Take it with you on trips (Caring case included)

Biomat Professional

Biomat Professional

What You Get

When you order your Biomat Professional online through 1-844-Biomats you are guaranteed to get the following:
New Biomat Professional 7000mx Registered in you or your company’s name. This ensures the validity of you Warranty and will count toward your personal sales in the event you ever want to become a distributor or wish to purchase another Biomat in the future for you or a loved one.
New Purple Semi ridged suitcase with industrial strength wheels and a retractable handle to protect your Biomat Professional when you travel or take it to a friend or clients home.
Cotton Quilted Cover, This is designed to offer a barrier between you and your Biomat Professional that is removable and machine washable so that you can easily keep your Biomat clean throughout the lifetime of its use. ***If you plan on sweating profusely or find that you are sweating enough to soak through the cotton quilted cover we strongly encourage you to upgrade to the Water proof cover for your Biomat Professional***
Peace of mind knowing that we are an established company that will always be here for you.  Peace of mind  That you are getting a Genuine  Richway Biomat  7000mx model and not an older or counterfeit product.  Peace of mind knowing that you’re not getting a Biomat from a third party that would void your warranty. 

Biomat Professiona 700 x 1850mm / 27.55″ x 72.83″
Net Weight 11.5 kg / 25.35 lbs Without Controller
Electric Consumption 180W
Voltage AC 120
Performance Temperature 35-70°C / 95-158°F
Amethyst Size 3mm – 5mm
Amethyst Color Natural, Violet, Clear
Cut & Shape Tumbled
Polariscope Test D.R.
Refractive Index 1.544-1.553