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Mini Biomat

The Richway Mini Biomat provides all the benefits of larger size Biomats at a fraction of the cost. With greater portability and versatility, The Mini Biomat is a smart choice.

Mini Biomat

Biomat Pillow

Mini Biomat $670.00

The Mini Biomat will offer the benefits of Infrared and Negative ions in a compact, versatile, and highly portable mat. The Mini Biomat offers all the same benefits of the more popular Professional Biomat size but in a smaller more manageable size.

Mini Biomat – Superb Therapeutic Results

More and more medical professionals, healthcare workers, and alternative wellness professionals are incorporate the use of the Biomat into their practices. This has resulted in greater exposure of the Biomat to people wanting to have one for home use. The unique design of the Mini Biomat allows a person (or pet) to benefit from infrared rays and large quantities of negative ions that are produced during the use of your Biomat. Richway has also taken the time and effort to ensure that the Biomat meets compliance with the US FDA as a 510k Medical Device.

This is intended to:

  • Increase of local circulation where applied
  • Relaxation of muscles

Provide temporary relief of:

  • Joint paint associated with arthritis
  • Minor joint pain and stiffness
  • Minor muscular back pain
  • Minor muscle pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Minor sprains
  • Minor strains

Smaller Can Be Better

The trade-off between a Biomat Professional and A Mini Biomat is whole body coverage verses targeted area exposure to Infrared and negative ions. While a person’s first response may be to think that the whole body coverage wins hands down, it really depends on how you plan to use your Biomat. At just 19.68”wide and 33.46” long and weighing just over 8lbs, the versatility of the Mini Biomat offers near endless possibilities for its use. That greater versatility means that you have the opportunity to use your Mini Biomat in places that A professional Size just won’t fit.

Versatility of the Mini Biomat:

  • Lay on your Mini Biomat
  • Place over your abdomen or chest
  • Use in your work chair
  • Use on your sofa at home
  • Lay on the floor to relax and sooth tired sore feet
  • Use on long road trips (very popular among truck drivers)
  • Cover with Water proof cover for your Pets
  • Sleep on it or have it lay on top of you

Mini BiomatBecause you are ordering your Mini Mat through 1-844-Biomats you are guarantied the full 3 year warranty is valid. This is key as a Biomat obtained through eBay, Amazon, or other third party will void your warranty.

Amethyst BiomatThe Mini Biomat Controller will allow you to set the temperature from no heat up to 158 degrees. With time settings up to 12 hours.  The controller also converts AC current to DC current, reducing EMF.

Mini Biomat You will be able to protect your Mini Biomat with this heavy duty purple hard travel case. This case is small enough to pass as a carry on item and durable enough to endure the rigors of checked luggage .

What You Get through 1-844-Biomats

When you order your Mini Biomat online you get the following:

  • New Mini Biomat 7000mx Registered in you or your company’s name. This ensures the validity of you Warranty and will count toward your personal sales in the event you ever want to become a distributor or wish to purchase another Mini Biomat in the future for you or a loved one.
  • New Purple Semi ridged carrying case to protect your Mini Biomat while you explore the freedom and versatility that only your Mini Biomat can offer.
  • New Cotton Quilted Cover, This is designed to offer a barrier between you and your Biomat Mini that is removable and machine washable so that you can easily keep your Biomat Mini clean throughout the lifetime of its use. ***If you plan on sweating profusely or find that you are sweating enough to soak through the cotton quilted cover we strongly encourage you to upgrade to the Water proof cover for your Mini Biomat***
  • Peace of mind of knowing that we are an established company that will always be here for you.
Amethyst Mini-Mat 500 x 850 mm / 19.68″ x 33.46″
Net Weight 3.6 kg / 7.93 lbs without controller
Electric Consumption 100W
Voltage AC 120
Amethyst 1.2 kg / 2.64 lbs
Tourmaline 1.2 kg / 2.64lb
Natural Infrared Rays and Negative Ions