Quantum Energy Pad

Quantum Energy Pad

What is Quantum Energy?

The word “quantum” was derived from the Latin “quantus”, which means, “how much”, an amount which has been used as “energy for mass generation.” This theory was first used in the name of “Quantum Energy” by a German physicist, Max Born (1882-1970).

Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi, who won the Nobel Prize for extracting vitamin C in 1937, identified that a living cell took on an electric field and that quantum energy had an influence on the electric field of a cell. A healthy cell takes on negative electricity. Common cells function normally when the voltage is less than -15mv and problems begin to arise when the voltage of a cell is more than -15mv. Particularly, the average voltage of a nerve cell is -70mv, but when it experiences pain, the voltage of the nerve cell generates +30mv. Quantum energy can be transmitted up to -90mv, so it can get rid of the pain signals from nerve cells of more than +30mv.

As shown above, quantum energy maintains the balance of an electron of a cell, causing the voltage of the injured cells to return to normalcy. In addition, quantum energy helps heighten the energy field in the cell membrane.

Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi discovered that when the negative electric field of quantum energy returns the voltage in the cell membrane back to normalcy, the human body’s immunity rises, pain disappears, and the mind becomes stabilized. It’s possible to generate quantum energy directly from organic compounds by using a special substance included in plant seeds.

Particularly, a peach pit and grape seed includes more than 18 types of specific substances, and the types are as follows:

  • Phosphoserine (cas 407-41-0)
  • Phosphorylethanolamine (cas 1071-23-4)
  • Aspartic Acid (cas 56-84-8)
  • Theanine (cas 3081-61-6)
  • Serine (cas 56-45-1)
  • Glutamic Acid (cas 56-86-0)
  • A-aminoadipic Acid (cas 542-32-5)
  • Glycine (cas 56-40-6)
  • Alanine (cas 56-41-7)
  • Citrulline (372-75-8)
  • A-amino-n-butyric Acid (80-60-4)
  • Valine (cas 72-18-4)
  • Methionine (cas 63-68-3)
  • Leucine (cas 61-90-5)
  • Ethanolamine (cas 141-43-5)
  • Ammonia (cas 7664-41-7)
  • Lysine (cas 70-54-2)
  • Histidine (cas 71-00-1)
Quantum Pad

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These 18 types of special substances take on powerful negative electricity, so they play a role in returning the voltage in the cell membrane to normalcy.

Once the voltage in a cell becomes stabilized, the cell spontaneously induces detoxification while a nerve cell ceases the delivery of the pain signal, alleviating the pain in the human body.

These 18 types of elements are organic compounds made from plant seeds which emit powerful far infrared light.