• Pro water proof cover

Professional Water Proof Cover


1-844-BIOMATS wants to ensure that the investment you make in your health is protected so you can benefit from your Biomat Professional for years to come. The waterproof cover will ensure that your Biomat Professional is fully protected from moister and sweat  so that your Biomat dose not get cellular build up or sweat stains that can build up over time.


Product Description

For 100 % protection of your Biomat Professional

This waterproof cover protects your Professional Bio-Mat. It fits perfectly over the Professional Bio-Mat and has special material to allow passage of the infrared.The Hi-Pora Waterproof Pad is manufactured with high-quality, ultra light materials consisting of 80% Dew-spo Polyester, coated with natural soy bean fibers for the absorption and protection from moisture, and 20% Neo-Vent Hi-Pora, which is four times better than Gore-Tex!

Hi-Pora aids the Dew-spo Polyester with moisture permeability, water resistance, water repellency, and breathability. The combination of these two materials assists in preventing moisture from entering while transferring moisture outward.

This advanced allergy-free material won’t cause skin irritation and feels like silk upon touch! The Waterproof Pad is also hand/machine washable for your convenience.


Retail: $100.00 + $20.00 Shipping


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